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Remembering Mrs. Crews


Mrs. Crews was a sixty something year old grandmother who had been caring for her two granddaughters since they were abandoned by their mother many years ago. In recent years, Mrs. Crews’ husband of 50 years passed away, and she had been battling cancer herself for the past two years, going from the depths of Flagler Estates to Flagler Hospital everyday for chemo and still making it home in time to pick the girls up from school.

Sadly, last Sunday, Mrs. Crews lost her battle and now two little girls find themselves abandoned once again. Mrs. Crews would say, “I don’t care if I have a stitch of clothing. And them girls might not have a new pair of shoes for school, but what I can give them everyday is to let them they are loved.”  With the very little they had, she always made sure those girls knew that granny loved them.

When I first heard of Mrs. Crews passing, my first thought was the big grin she had on her face one day at the food pantry. It wasn’t her typical warm smile, it was slightly mischievous, and I soon found out why. She had the girls collect 7,500 pennies, picking them up in parking lots, laundromats and anywhere they could find them. They stopped to pick up the lonely penny that most of us just walked past. They presented them to Pie in the Sky to help with the food donation costs. “It’s the least we can do for you,” Mrs. Crews said that day, so proud of her pennies. “You all do so much for us and we just wanted to thank you.”

I still have those pennies, and I think of Mrs. Crews teaching those grandchildren the value of money, right down to the penny– and then giving them all away. The real measure of a person is the one who has nothing and gives anyway.

Pie in the Sky has established a fund to help the little girls, Crystal and Amber, so that they can purchase school clothes and maybe pay for a few months of school lunches, too. Please help the Crews girls. Make a donation by clicking the “donate” button above and let us continue as a caring community, letting those children know they are loved.


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