Call for artists

Birdhouse project

A call is out to artists and bird lovers from Pie in the Sky, the grass roots development program in Hastings. Artists are asked to lend their time and talent to beautify a birdhouse, which will be sold or auctioned at “It’s for the Bird’s and there is some chili cooking, too” fundraiser for Pie in the Sky. The date has been changed has been changed from March 7 to March 28th, from noon to 5 p.m. at Simple Gestures. Birdhouses are still available for local artists to decorate.

or more information contact Simple Gestures at 827-9997 or Pie in the Sky at 692-3902.

All proceeds will go to Pie in the Sky, whose projects include wheelchair ramps, green repairs for elderly homeowners and other stuff that falls through the cracks. call today