Going big or Going Home

Year two is the time to turn it up. Pie in the Sky is coming into it’s own and there are lots of things we can be doing. We need the funds and we need the manpower. Let’s turn this up a notch and I don’t mean the heat on the oven, I mean the people we need to help. More ramps, more home repairs, more people connected to services. We are movin more than 10,000 pounds of food into the neediest of neighborhoods. We can do more. Food is essential, a basic need and we can get it out to people who need it, we are meeting a very basic need. When folks are not hunry they can concentrate on the next most basic need, work. Let’s help find jobs and build suitable housing and raise the level of expectation and give people something to talk about in Hastings besides crime and drugs. Let’s get peoepl talking about helping their neighbors, giving folks a ride to work, helping your neighbor fix up his house. Working together, building things together, makes us all stronger. Let’s just work together.