Mrs. Raggins’ New Home

One day last week, a couple of the SIFE students, PJ and Gorge came out to the pie shop for a visit. They were filming a commercial for Pie in the Sky and we thought it would be good to have a testimonial, so we drove over to see Mrs. Raggins.

I was not prepared for what she had to say. She said she felt like she had a new home because she has a new freedom. No longer does her son have to carry her out of the house. He takes her walker to the door and she can go out on her own. But that’s not all. After the ramp was installed, SIFE students came back and planted azaleas and daisies along the ramp and across the front yard. Mrs. Raggins really does have a new home! She told us her grandson comes over every day and waters the flowers for her. Her neighbor called her the other day and joked with her about, “the new house on the block.” Mrs. Raggins laughed and said, “she was talking about my house.”

And if that wasn’t enough, because of the grant from Lowe’s, I asked Mrs. Raggins if she thought she might like a fresh coat of paint on her home. She smiled from ear to ear and said, “I really will have a new house.”

These are the times I know the work of Pie in the Sky is important and making an impact. Because so many folks came together, SIFE, Lowe’s, Sunrise Rotary, St. Johns Housing Partnership, April and Tyler, a lovely woman, who has been a part of this community for so many years, who gave so much to the education and upbringing of hundreds of children, can enjoy the home she and her husband built, the home she raised her children in, the home she had not been able to keep up, is once again a place of pride and joy. Her home is a place her friends will call and say, “there is a new house on the block.” And Mrs. Raggins will smile with delight and duck her head like a shy schoolgirl and say, “They are talking about my home.”

Yes, Mrs. Raggins was right; it doesn’t take a lot of folks to make something happen, only a few who care.