First Food event a success

Last week, more than 200 folks received food from the Pie in the Sky food distribution through Second Harvest and now with the cooperation of the county, the food is being delivered in a safe, climate controlled building. On Friday, more than 4000 pounds of meat, dairy and produce was distributed to more than 100 families who came by the school and then bags were packed and delivered by volunteers to 40 plus elderly homebound residents. That is progress, my friends and that is a community investing in each other.
If we can get sponsors for the Friday food, we can continue to make these deliveries. It costs just $5.50 per person to take home a bag of meat, some milk and yogurt and all the fresh fruit they could carry. That is a bargain any way you look at it. But for the small budget of Pie in the Sky it is still a bit more than I can do alone. If someone or some agency could donate a few hundred dollars a month, we can continue to provide these very basic foods to a very needy population.