One Day in Hastings

A slice of life….This was my day:

  1. Second Harvest to look for watermelons as a treat for the guys working at Mrs. Bing’s house. After cutting open a few, it was a no go.
  2. Winn-Dixie. Picked up and iced watermelons.
  3. Delivered melons to Mrs. Bing. Great progress on her porch.
  4. Phone call from Phil Kellerman and farm workers ministry in Apopka, trying to locate a man’s family in Guatemala.
  5. Tree of Life food pickup.
  6. Deliver food to library, daycare, couple of families.
  7. appointment for WAP application.
  8. back to St. Augustine for board meeting.
  9. Back to Mrs. Bing’s for progress pictures. Roof on front porch. Back Porch demolished.
  10. Visited with Mrs. Bing and her neighbor. They asked me what I do and the neighbor said, “The Lord has you doing what you are supposed to be doing.”
  11. Back to Second Harvest to pick up food for two families.
  12. Down to Hastings and out to IFIS for 1300 pounds of potatoes.
  13. Into Flagler Estates to visit home of woman whose husband is waiting on liver transplant. Kitchen is caving in, floors are falling in, extension cord through the bathroom window to run the husband’s oxygen tank. Delivered potatoes.
  14. Back to Hastings. Delivered taters to library and picked up donated paint from Rita for Mrs. Raggins’ home.
  15. Visit with Mrs. Raggins and gave her paint chips to choose her exterior color. Gave Mrs. Raggins potatoes, she asked me how I came to be working in Hastings. twilight zone moment: she said, “the Lord chose you to do what you are doing.”
  16. Back to office. John came by. Then Bernard came by and we discussed the food distribution. Then Willie Harvey came by with Alicia and daughter Jasmine. She wants to help out at the food distribution. Gave them some potatoes.
  17. Took two phone applications for weatherization.
  18. Dropped off a box of food to a lady.
  19. Headed home and dropped off potatoes and another box of food.

It was a good days work.

Mrs. Bing's new porch