What A Wonderful World!

Yesterday, two ladies from the United Methodist Church here in Hastings stopped by. They wanted to know how they could help the food program. It seems they used to deliver meals on wheels and would be more than happy to deliver the 53 bags of groceries to the elderly and homebound. A perfect fit! What a blessing.

Today, a fabulous group from Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach came by. A lovely warm contnegecy of folks from quite literally, the other side of the world from Hastings. They were interested and eager to know how they could help keep bringing food to the people of Hastings. Best of all, they were all huggers! And in a move like soemthing my daddy would have done, one man slipped me a $20 with a smile.Another of the women said to me, “You are a true child of the 60’s, your mother would be proud.”
What wonderful world filled with the kindness of strangers who feel like friends after spending an hour together.
Hope fills my heart just having met thses folks, having somany people call with support, so many people donating to help the folks in Hastings.
And then, Mrs. Doris and Tanya stopped by with a friend, more donations, more smiles. More hope!
My mama always said, “give people a chance to show their compassion. You won’t be dissappointed.”

Of course you were right, mama. I am not disappointed. I am encouraged, inspired and grateful.

My mom, Fay Ransom Moore