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Food Pantry A Success

What A Wonderful World!

Yesterday, two ladies from the United Methodist Church here in Hastings stopped by. They wanted to know how they could help the food program. It seems they used to deliver meals on wheels and would be more than happy to deliver the 53 bags of groceries to the elderly and homebound. A perfect fit! What…

A Man Stopped by the Pie Shop this Morning

He wanted to speak with the lady who helps with food. He saw it on First Coast News and he wanted to help. He lives in Micanopy and he and his wife drive through Hastings all the time. He said it feels like a second home to him. He told me he might not be…

One Day in Hastings

A slice of life….This was my day:

Rest in Peace, Hilario

Responses to my story about Hilario. See the St. Augustine Record. I had read your column in the Record and immediately thought that I should try to be a better person. He is so fortunate to have had read your column in the Record and immediately thought that I should try to be a better…

First Food event a success

Last week, more than 200 folks received food from the Pie in the Sky food distribution through Second Harvest and now with the cooperation of the county, the food is being delivered in a safe, climate controlled building. On Friday, more than 4000 pounds of meat, dairy and produce was distributed to more than 100…

Mrs. Raggins’ New Home

One day last week, a couple of the SIFE students, PJ and Gorge came out to the pie shop for a visit. They were filming a commercial for Pie in the Sky and we thought it would be good to have a testimonial, so we drove over to see Mrs. Raggins. I was not prepared…

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Going big or Going Home

Year two is the time to turn it up. Pie in the Sky is coming into it’s own and there are lots of things we can be doing. We need the funds and we need the manpower. Let’s turn this up a notch and I don’t mean the heat on the oven, I mean the…

How Many Roads

How Many Roads