A Slice of Hope

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    One of the goals of Pie in the Sky is to utilize local assets within the community. Such was the case, when more than 25 volunteers came together to improve the quality of life for four retired farm workers. The men had lived their whole lives in condemned houses and labor camps. But because of the kindness of a concerned community, they now live in a clean, safe and affordable home. John, an out of work electrician, lent his talents for the day and taught other volunteers how to splice wires and replane a door. John said, “It made me feel good to use my skills to help someone else.” And the four men? When they first walked into their freshly painted home, with new carpet and linoleum, a real front door, and windows that worked, they were stunned. Jewel said, “I ain’t never had anything like this in my whole life.”

What's Your Story?

You read their stories and how we helped transform their lives; now choose your slice.

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